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Alternative Honeymoon Ideas

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

The wedding has commenced, and now you find yourself searching through Pinterest for hours for honeymoon ideas. We are all hoping for our next trip to be a once in a lifetime experience, a life changer, but our honeymoon is one that is expected to be head and shoulders above the rest. Your first trip together as husband and wife, it’s a big deal. That can be a lot of pressure with the entire world to choose from. Let’s look into some alternative, out of the box honeymoon ideas to experience something really unique and meaningful.

A mission trip:

The wedding was all about you and  this is an opportunity to do something extraordinary by serving others. Find a common cause , you will be surprised at the amount of volunteer projects available around the globe. Many of these programs are designed specifically for honeymooners, and allow some time for romance and relaxation too. They often say that those who serve are more blessed than the ones they serve.

Treasure Hunting:

Do you and your partner have a favorite collectible? Art, textiles, antiques. Scour the famous French Flea Markets for collectibles, Tour the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul where you can find exquisite jewelry, leather and antiques. Don’t forget souvenirs for the nest!

National Park Tour:

There is something to be said for quietness and serenity after the craziness of the wedding. Take time to go on a road trip and explore some of the nations most amazing sites. A few days camping, backpacking, sight seeing are perfect ways to really connect- totally unplugged!

Foodie’s Travel:

This is my dream trip,  the ultimate culinary tour. Food and travel, what could be better? Sample the Tapas in Barcelona, Food Stalls of Singapore, the Classics in Paris. Expand your horizons and experience the quintessential dishes of their native regions. Beverages to accompany.

Explore Your Heritage:

Trace your roots, ancestry travel is in fact “a thing”. Of course after your 23 and Me test, find a common thread. Is it origin, nationality, religion- explore your roots and immerse yourselves in the culture of your ancestors.

Wherever your honeymoon leads you, make it #EPIC.


Eventfully Yours

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