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Choosing the RIGHT Wedding Photographer

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Choosing a wedding photographer is really a big deal. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Your wedding day needs to be one of the most epic days of your life as husband and wife. Once you’ve tied the knot, danced your first dance and toasted to your nuptials- what do you look forward to next? You check your email and social media hourly waiting for the first glimpse or a teaser from your wedding photographer. Yes, as your planner I would do the same!

There are lots of things to consider before you make it official.

First, you need to decide what style of photography you want. Most wedding photographers shoot with a blend of different styles, for example: documentary, edgy and bold, moody or portraits. What style do you prefer? Whatever you do don’t base this on what’s trending necessarily. Right now moody images have taken over all of our feeds, don’t get me wrong, I love that style but it’s not necessarily what’s true to my style. What reflects you the best-  is it color, mood, an artistic approach or formal style portraits?? Meet with more than one if you’re not 100% sure.  It is not enough to just look at the wedding photographer’s work, you also need to meet them. I am a firm believer that you need to really need to connect with them, after all you are spending your entire wedding day together! Ask questions- for example  how many weddings they have shot? Do they have a backup photographer ? Do they travel with an assistant or second shooter?

Discuss your venue with them, have they shot there? If not I highly recommend they visit the property before the big day to scope out the situation. Each venue has it’s proud features but they also have hidden gems- you don’t want to miss those either.

You also need to trust them, accept their guidance and realize they are taking their job seriously. So when they pull you away from dinner for 5 minutes during dinner for a killer sunset photo, trust them- the shot will be worth it!

Photo Cred: SMDI Photography

Venue: Green Hill Country Club

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