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Eastern Shore Wedding Planner Gives Details

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Being an Eastern Shore wedding planner, I focus on all of the little details which makes for a perfect day. At the core, your wedding is about you and your fiancée entering this sacred bond. Don’t lose sight!  At Eventfully Yours Md. we will make sure that the smallest details are met.

You should of course try to subtly reflect your interests, personalities and love story into your big day. Your story is just that “your story”, no one else’s and no two should be alike- same goes for your wedding. We are big fans of nodding to our surroundings. Do you love the beach, share an interest in sports or art or music? Let it shine, this is what people will remember. You want them to leave saying that was so YOU!

Here are a few faves that were really well done….

  1. One  bride was a painter and wanted an original watercolor of the wedding, so we did just that. We commissioned a local artist to paint the room in all it’s glory. It was a showstopper and added a super intimate memory of her perfect day.

  2. Another bride and groom loved hanging out at the beach and building sandcastles. We arranged for that too, it was amazing. A couple tons of sand were delivered to the ballroom and the sculptor worked tirelessly overnight to create a truly magical castle which was displayed front and center. It was a total surprise, the bride had no idea. Major waterworks!

  3. And of course, an ode to tradition…. Monogrammed linens are something that you will use long after your wedding day. Every time you pull them out for a special dinner party, Thanksgiving or even everyday dining you will remember your sweet day. And SMILE.

  4. For our local Eastern Shore ladies and gents who have grown up in a farming community- incorporate that. The farm to table craze started several years back, trust me it’s not going anywhere. Support local farmers and serve your guests fresh, regional fare. Again this is a great nod to our surrounding without going to theme-y! Great ideas would be ice cream from Chesapeake Bay Farms, locally harvested oysters, Smith Island cake, the list goes on.

When I meet with my couples I of course want to know their vision but more importantly I want to know who they are as a couple so I can help convey that on their wedding day.  You get to do it once, make it great. Take a look at my boards for Eastern Shore inspiration.

Eventfully Yours.


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