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Personalize Your Ceremony…

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

The wedding processional is the order in which the couple and bridal party actually walk down the aisle. The music sets the tone as it swells with anticipation for it’s guests of honor. Traditionally the officiant walks first followed by the groom and best man. The bridal attendants follow as couples or individually with the ring bearer and flower girl to end. Now it’s time for the bride and that special person she has chosen to escort, typically her Dad.

Now that being said we live in a very modern society with very modern families so we adjust! Your wedding, your way! You don’t necessarily have to follow tradition, you can mix it up a bit. A few ideas we love at Eventfully Yours….

  1. Walk in as a couple, walk out as a couple. I love this, who better to escort the bride than her soon to be husband. Really it’s very appropriate.

  2. Pass altogether on the wedding party! I have heard more discussions about who to include and even more about who not to include. In reality all of your witnesses are sitting in the audience so you don’t have to have a bridal party. This lends to a really intimate feel focusing solely on the couple and their union.

  3. My personal fave, include your pups! For many of us our dogs are a HUGE part of our family so why shouldn’t they be part of your ceremony? If your pooch is good in the spotlight (and of course if the venue allows) consider it. I promise, everyone will smile.

  4. Spice up the music selection. The traditional Wedding March is very beautiful but maybe it doesn’t  speak to you as a couple. Pick something that does, I’ve heard everything from Classic Rock to mellow instrumentals and I’ve loved everyone equally because I knew it had special meaning to the B+G.

The ceremony set up can also be  a break from tradition. One of my favorite Jewish traditions is to wed under a Chuppah. A Chuppah is a canopy under which a couple stands during their ceremony. The open sides represent hospitality to their guests, the covering represents the covering of God. It can certainly be used for a Christian ceremony too. The Chuppah is held by 4 relatives or friends and those people symbolize community. Typically the covering is a prayer shawl, embroidered cloth, batik, silk screen, etc.. They are absolutely gorgeous!

Make your day personal with starting with the ceremony, whether it’s changing up the seating arrangements, writing your own vows or incorporating your fur-babies. Make it yours!

Eventfully Yours,


Check out my gallery for some ideas

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