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Wedding Planning 101…

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Let’s consider a wedding planner! Modern couples are focusing on creating a unique, unforgettable wedding that is a true reflection of their style. Leave the stress, research, contract review and small details to your wedding planner. Your wedding day is the perfect opportunity to tell your love story to the people you most treasure in life. Chances are you have a vision but not the time to coordinate all the details nor the first clue of where to find the most talented pros in the industry. On average it takes an average of 250 hours to properly plan a wedding and I’m guessing you already have a full-time career not to mention an engagement to tend to!!

Here are my top reasons Eventfully Yours can make the wedding planning a delightful part of the engagement process.

Reason #1: The Vetting Process Check. I have already done this. I have searched long and hard to find the most talented vendors on the Eastern Shore and DE Beaches. I have personally worked with the vendors I recommend and will gladly attach my name to their work. Kind of a big deal. They are not only professional but truly brilliant at their craft and share my theory that no 2 weddings should ever, under any circumstances be alike. While there are a few vendors I work with on a regular basis, you can rest assured that your event will have its own signature. I do also love working and meeting with new people so if you have someone in mind- let’s check them out!

Reason #2. Everyone has a Budget. Eventfully Yours will collaborate with you during the process to outline a budget that you are comfortable with. I firmly believe in planning within your means and not a bit beyond. My suggestions will pair with your budget and aesthetic. We will sort out your “must have’s” and allow a little more in the budget for those things, the least of your priorities is where your wedding planner will find some savings. Wedding planners have relationships with so many vendors, this is where you will benefit. For example, a wedding planner brings a certain photographer several jobs throughout the year- it is agreed that the vendor will extend a slight discount to the client which is you! More often wedding planning fees ending up being paid for by the savings you gain. So, my question to you is, why wouldn’t you?

Reason #3. Narrowing Down Your Vision. We are so inundated with pretty things on IG and Pinterest how do you narrow it down. I have a method to figure out your likes and dislikes that will help define your wedding style and mood (BTW it does include Pinterest). Let’s create, not copy. The Pins that have a ba-gillion likes also means everyone is recreating them. We definitely don’t want that for your wedding. Let’s create and start wedding planning together. Eventfully Yours. Xoxo

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