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Wedding Website Checklist

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Creating a wedding website is an excellent way to communicate with your guests leading up to the big day and your wedding planner can help navigate through this process. Your custom website gives them the information they will need pertaining to the wedding weekend, but it can also be a really cool prelude to the wedding. Share galleries, tell the engagement story, your honeymoon plans, etc. The Knot , Minted, and Wix are all great for creating your perfect wedding website!

Here’s a checklist of things you may want to consider adding, here goes:

The Deets

Your Names- Make sure this is clear, so your guests know the spelling of your fiancées name.

The Date- This is the most important detail.

The Times- It’s always helpful to list a ceremony time with the reception time or reception to immediately follow. If there is a break in between the two, let your guests know so they can plan accordingly.

The Venue/s- Clearly list your venue name, address, city, state and zip. Be sure to Google map first to make sure everyone will be able to access directions.  If your ceremony and venue are at different location, be sure to list both addresses with approximate drive times.


How You Met- Set up, blind date, Tinder- people love this stuff!

When You Knew- The exact moment you knew this was forever. Tell your love story. Try to write this together, they want to know both perspectives.

The Proposal- How did it happen, every detail!

Your Life Together- What do you look like as a couple, what’s at the center of your relationship? What are your career paths, past times, hobbies, passions? This is a great time to really get personal, do you share your faith, love for animals?


Add photos and stories of your bridal party, how you met and their role in the wedding.


Your Adventures as a Couple- This is fun, share all your favorite family, school, travel and holiday photos!

Engagement Photos- Your photographer will usually do an engagement session with you, this is an awesome spot to showcase these gorgeous images. After all you probably had a really hard time picking the perfect one for the Save the Date!

Photos of the Venue- Give them a sneak peek just to give them a vibe!


Today’s weddings are often more than just a one-day event, here’s your chance to let them know about all the other festivities you have planned. Include the times and location of each event, activities, attire, who is invited (bridal party only, all guests, etc.)

Pre-Wedding- Welcome Cocktail Party for the out-of-towners, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, bridesmaids’ lunch, guys golf outing, etc.

Day-Of- Add a timeline for your guests including start time of ceremony, organized transportation pick up times, after party times, etc.

Post-Wedding- Are you having a farewell brunch to following morning or a casual family picnic at the beach?


Where to Stay- Add your room block links here for your guests to take advantage of discounted room rates and include the cutoff date.

Transportation- In case your guests aren’t renting a car, provide some tips for getting around! Is there public transportation or is it a walkable town? Are there UBER’s or Lyfte’s?

Town Highlights- Chamber links are great here. List your favorite shops, restaurants, etc..


Link directly to your registry site!


RSVP Due Dates

Attire (Semi Formal, Formal, Resort Casual)

Parking (complimentary, valet?)

Indoors or Outdoors



Plugged or Unplugged?

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