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When it Comes to Paying for the Wedding

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

There are so many  opinions on who pays for what at the wedding. As a planner I get this question all of the time and it ends being totally different for every family/ couple. That being said, traditionally the brides parents were responsible for the entire event- that has since changed.  Very often today’s couples will pay for their own wedding or at least make a contribution.  The parents of the couple often make a contribution based on each individual situation. If your parents or your future spouses parents are paying it’s often helpful to have some guidelines to navigate through the process. Keep in mind this is not set in stone. Here goes:

Brides Parents

  1. Engagement Party

  2. Engagement Announcements

  3. Wedding Planner

  4. Brides Attire

  5. Floral Centerpieces and Accessories

  6. Transportation

  7. Photographer

  8. Videographer

  9. Music: Band or DJ

  10. Reception Venue

  11. Food and Beverage

  12. Lodging for Bridal Attendants

Grooms Parents

  1. Corsages and Boutonnieres

  2. Lodging for Grooms Attendants

  3. Rehearsal Dinner

The Bride

  1. Bridal Attendant Flowers

  2. Bridal Attendant Gifts

  3. Groom’s Ring

  4. Groom’s Gift

The Groom

  1. Marriage License

  2. Officiant Fees

  3. Bride’s Bouquet

  4. Wedding Band

  5.  Attendant  Boutonnieres

  6. Attendant Gifts

The bar is a hot topic and highly debated, Emily Post declares it is the brides parents responsibility while Martha Stewart claims it be the responsibility for the grooms parents. Both gurus in the arena of etiquette, I say whatever works for you! Here’s to Happy Planning!


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