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Angie Smythe
Founder/ Lead Planner

Hey there! I’m Angie. From culinary school in NYC to event production with Marriott, my love story with the wedding and event industry has taken its fair share of twists and turns. 


But after some soul-searching several years ago, I  decided to launch my own business, she would be coined Eventfully Yours. I was ready and the time had come. The combination of creativity and organization, the fast pace, the importance of even the smallest detail-it was in my blood.


And it’s taken me 18+ years in the wedding industry, surviving a worldwide pandemic, and having a wedding of my own to realize that it’s true: love always wins. My passion is creating special events that celebrate all of those wins: past, present, and future.

But the most important thing to know about me is this: To me, marriage is one of the most sacred forces in the universe. Don’t get me wrong, I love weddings, but my #1 focus and inspiration is your love story. My job is to translate that story into a truly remarkable and intentional celebration. At Eventfully Yours, we’re not your average wedding planners…we are storytellers.



From wedding management to full-scope planning, we’re here to simplify the process. Our decades of combined experience have given us the passion and the connections to plan the celebration of your dreams. And your love story is at the center of it all. Ready to plan the celebration of a lifetime?


Kristin Lewis
Lead Wedding Manager

Hi! I’m Kristin. Boy mom, dog mom, beach bum extraordinaire, social butterfly. 


Before joining the Eventfully Yours team, I taught elementary school for 12 years and bartended in the summers. My favorite part of both jobs was getting to know the people and hearing about all of the special moments that led them to where they are now. Though I work with adults full-time now, my organizational skills, adaptability, and passion for people have followed me to the wedding planning industry. 


It’s such an honor to witness and help create some of the special moments in my couples’ stories, ones they’ll remember for years to come. My heart still melts into a puddle every time I see a groom catch a first glimpse of his bride. And somehow, every single wedding seems to be even more special than the last.


Like your love story, planning a wedding comes with its own fair share of challenges: weather, family, stress, time constraints…the list goes on. But you can rest assured that I’m ready—with my trusty survival kit—to fight for your special moments, rain or shine (literally).


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Peyton Becker
Wedding Assistant

Hey! I’m Peyton. I’m new to the Eventfully Yours team, but I assure you that I’m not new to the wedding scene. After several years of working at Scher’s Bridal and the Enchanted Florist and earning my degree in hospitality and event management, I know my way around a wedding. 


I carry the same composure and dedication that I learned from playing D1 hockey at Indiana University (Go Hoosiers!) to every wedding. Except now, my “teammates” are my couples, and our victories have less to do with scoring goals and more to do with planning a wedding day that is stress-free and unique to you.


I love the variety that each wedding brings to the table, and I love love. I’m so pumped to use my creative and practical knowledge to create joyful experiences for my couples. 


Wedding jitters? Family problems? Don’t even know where to start? I’ve got your back. And we’ll make this an experience you’ll never forget!

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