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A Day We'll Always Remember

Home is Where the Heart Is: Hanna and Mitchell's Private Residence Wedding

Hanna and Mitchell's wedding was a truly unique and remarkable celebration. Set against the backdrop of their family property, their tented wedding exuded charm and intimacy. As wedding planners, witnessing their love story unfold in such a personal and meaningful setting was an absolute delight. The love and connection shared between Hanna, Mitchell, and their families made the occasion even more special.

The Couple:

Hanna and Mitchell shared a love that felt timeless, the kind that promises to endure a lifetime. Their gentle demeanor and ease of collaboration made them an absolute joy to work with. Rooted in their deep affection for family and home, their decision to exchange vows on family property felt like a natural extension of their bond. It was truly heartwarming to witness their close-knit family come together to celebrate their union.

Feeling of the Wedding Day:

The atmosphere on Hanna and Mitchell's wedding day was nothing short of magical, with the sun shining brightly and the temperature just right. The dreamy weather set the stage for an unforgettable celebration. As we tended to the wedding party and their families throughout the setup, the air was filled with excitement and joy. It was evident that this was going to be a day to remember for everyone involved.

Why a Tented Wedding?

Tented weddings hold a special allure, especially for private residence celebrations like Hanna and Mitchell's. For Hanna and Mitchell, opting for a tented affair offered versatility and charm. With the weather cooperating beautifully, they could host both the ceremony and cocktail hour outdoors, utilizing the vast expanse of their family property. This allowed guests to spread out comfortably, fostering an inviting atmosphere conducive to mingling and celebration. Moreover, with a larger guest list, the tent provided ample space to accommodate everyone while maintaining an intimate ambiance.

The Wedding Party:

The wedding party made quite the statement with their sophisticated attire. Clad in sleek black dresses, the bridesmaids exuded timeless elegance, while the groomsmen looked dashing in matching black suits. Hanna's stunning wedding gown and Mitchell's white suit jacket perfectly complemented the theme of the wedding, adding a touch of class and elegance to the occasion. Together, they formed a striking ensemble that captivated the attention of all, embodying the essence of grace and style on Hanna and Mitchell's special day.

Color Palette:

Hanna and Mitchell's wedding embraced a classic black and white color palette, exuding timeless sophistication and elegance. The pristine white florals paired with lush greenery added a touch of natural beauty and freshness to the overall aesthetic, enhancing the ambiance with their understated charm.

Bride and Groom's Priorities:

Hanna and Mitchell were clear about their priorities for their wedding day—they wanted a celebration to remember. With a wrapped dance floor, a well-stocked bar, and an excellent DJ, they ensured their guests would have an unforgettable party experience. Once the music started playing, the energy on the dance floor was electric, and the joyous atmosphere filled the air. Their commitment to creating an unforgettable celebration was evident as they extended the reception by 30 minutes, unwilling to end the festivities until the very last moment.

Hanna and Mitchell's wedding day was a true testament to the power of teamwork and collaboration. With the support of the best vendor team, we worked seamlessly together to bring their vision to life and create a day filled with magic and love. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Hanna and Mitchell, and to be a part of such a special moment in their lives. Their love and appreciation for each other radiated throughout the day, making it a joyous celebration for all involved.

Hanna + Mitchell’s Vendor Team

Venue | Gorski Family Home

Planning + Design | Eventfully Yours

Photographer | XOXO, Molly Jane

Film | Sincerely the Kitchens

Florals | Seaberry Farm

MUAH | Jane and Tay Salon & Boutique

Bridesmaids | Show Me Your Mumu

Bride’s Gown |Jennifer's Bridal

DJ | Djjay Hype

Confections | @CakeArt + Crumbl Cookies

Invitation Designs | Hanna Gorski

Caterer | Common Ground Hospitality

Bar | BayShore Bar Services

Late Night Snack | Pretzelvania DE

Tent + Rentals | Coastal Tented Events

Horse + Carriage | R and B Ranch

Lighting | Sodel Santas


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