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An Unforgettable Farm Wedding

Crafting Unforgettable Moments: A Tale of Love, Planning, and Equestrian Elegance

Embarking on the journey of planning Hannah and Austin's wedding was not just about orchestrating an event—it was about weaving their love story into the most beautiful celebration. As their chosen wedding planner, I had the privilege of turning their visions into tangible moments. In this blog post, I'm excited to share the intricacies of this beautiful journey, from the initial connection to the magical tent reveal at Castle Farm.

How Did the Couple Find Me as a Vendor?

Hannah and Austin's path to finding me as their wedding planner was paved with trust and recommendations. Having previously worked with a few of their friends, my services were recommended, creating a sense of familiarity and confidence for the couple.

Services Provided-Full-Service Wedding Planning.

Opting for a full-service wedding planning experience, Hannah and Austin entrusted me with every detail of their special day. From the initial conceptualization to the seamless execution, my role was to ensure that their wedding was nothing short of spectacular.

How Did I Help the Day Come Together?

Bringing together every element of the wedding required meticulous attention to detail. Tying the wedding branding into every aspect, from the invitations to cocktail napkins, ensured a cohesive and personalized touch. The strategic placement of their custom crest became a unifying thread, creating a visual narrative that resonated throughout the celebration.

Favorite Moment: The Tent Reveal

Undoubtedly, my favorite moment of the wedding was the epic tent reveal at Castle Farm. As the culmination of months of planning, the excitement in Hannah and Austin's eyes as they saw everything come together was priceless. It was a true "ah-ha" moment, a testament to the collaborative journey we had undertaken.

Why Castle Farm?

Hannah's love for horses and equestrian pursuits played a significant role in choosing Castle Farm as the wedding venue. Riding has always been a profound part of her life, making the venue not just a picturesque backdrop but a place with sentimental value that added an extra layer of meaning to their special day.

The Purnell wedding was a celebration of love, friendship, and the joy of bringing dreams to life. As their wedding planner, it was an honor to play a role in curating an experience that surpassed their expectations. From the initial referral to the magical tent reveal, every moment was a testament to the power of collaboration. In addition to their unique vision, Hannah and Austin were two of the kindest souls I have yet to meet. Their genuine warmth and consideration not only made the planning process enjoyable but also contributed to the overall positive energy that permeated their wedding celebration.

Venue: Castle Farm

Photographer: Christine Tustin

Film: Marcus Payne

Florals: Flowers by Alison

Rentals: White Glove

Culinary: Liquid Assets

Bar Services: Bayshore

Confections: Baked Dessert Cafe

Wedding Painter: Brittany Branson

Band: Bachelor Boys

Planning: Eventfully Yours


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