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Rustic Elegance at Castle Farm

Elegance in Bloom: Alexis and Garrett's Luxurious Spring Wedding at Castle Farm

Meet the Siegerts, a sweet and fun-loving couple with a shared passion for country living and camping. Their love story culminated in a magnificent spring wedding at Castle Farm, blending rustic elegance with well-thought-out design, creating a day that reflected their unique personalities.

Feeling of the Wedding Day:

Elegant, luxurious, and meticulously designed—the atmosphere at Castle Farm on this spring day was nothing short of magical. The air buzzed with excitement, and the carefully curated details created a vibe that seamlessly merged sophistication with the couple's warm and inviting energy.

Why Castle Farm?

Choosing Castle Farm was a deliberate decision for Alexis and Garrett. The venue's rustic elegance and the opportunity to explore different locations on the farm made it an ideal choice. The seamless flow from ceremony to cocktail party to reception allowed the couple to create a dynamic and memorable experience for their guests.


The wedding party looked resplendent, with ladies dressed in champagne-colored dresses and gentlemen in classic black tuxedos. The attire exuded timeless elegance, perfectly complementing the overall luxurious ambiance.

Color Palette:

An all-white color palette with gold accents adorned the venue, adding a touch of opulence to the celebration. The choice of colors reflected a desire for timeless sophistication, creating a visually stunning backdrop for the day's festivities.

Special Family Traditions:

A beautiful tribute to Alexis's late grandmother became a poignant moment in the wedding. The incorporation of her grandmother's memory into a piece of art added a sentimental touch, creating a connection between the past and the present.

Unique Decor Items:

A cross, crafted by Alexis's father, stood prominently at the ceremony, symbolizing both faith and familial love. Additionally, an amazing dessert bar, filled with a variety of petite confections, served as a delightful and memorable centerpiece.

Vendor Contribution:

As their vendor, my unique contribution was pulling together a cohesive story that authentically reflected Alexis and Garrett's personalities. From conceptualizing the design to executing the details, the goal was to create an immersive experience that truly captured the essence of their love story.

Alexis and Garrett's wedding at Castle Farm was a breathtaking celebration of love, elegance, and the joy of shared passions. From the opulent design to the sentimental touches, every detail was thoughtfully curated to create an unforgettable experience. As the sun set over Castle Farm, Alexis and Garrett stepped into their new chapter surrounded by the warmth of family, the beauty of tradition, and the promise of a love that blooms in every season.

Venue: Castle Farm

Photographer: Paige Elizabeth Photography

Film: Bailey Reese Visuals

Culinary: Mission BBQ

Bar Services: Bayshore

Confections: Sweet Bites Charcuterie

Florals: Flowers by Alison

Beauty Services: Brushed Beauty

DJ: Darling Wedding Productions

Rentals: Pretty Little Wedding Co.

Planning: Eventfully Yours


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